Easy Reel Tutorial: Try This Reel …This Week

Hello #Socialite! I see you…and I see that you haven’t done any reels yet — what’s up with that? Let’s change that..trust me you will be so happy you did! Follow the instructions below and watch your metrics grow!

Step 1: Login to your account and click to watch this video on instagram.

Step 2: Click the sound in the lower right hand corner of the video

Step 3: Select “Use Audio”

Step 4: Put on a hoodie or something comfortable to film yourself at the beginning of the audio. Pretend you are being interviewed by a reporter. Record up until the :07 seven second mark the stop.

Step 5: Change into a nicer outfit and add makeup or accessories as desired. Resume to record the final segment. Pretend to respond to the “reporter” and mouth the words over the audio.

Step 6: Add any additional filters or effects you would like and add your caption, then upload! Your final result will look something like this!

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