Why You Need To Increase Your Engagement, Not Your Followers

Once upon a time, many people used social media with the simple aim of gaining as many followers as possible. Having the highest possible follower count was a sign of success—and it still is. However, having a high number of followers should not be a goal of business anymore. Instead, online brands should aim to grow their quality followers, not total followers. I am so excited to guide you through the most important quality of followers: engagement.

The goal of a high follower count led to a lucrative, yet obvious industry, and that is, being able to purchase followers. But, really, what is the point of this? Sure, it looks good. The optics of getting thousands of followers and likes may make it seem like you are successful—but are you really? Your numbers may be high, but what do they really lead to?

Remember, bots have no purchasing power. They do not translate into anything. They will not interact or engage in a useful manner that will translate effectively into sales or clicks. Bought followers will not buy your products.

However, do you know who will? Your audience, of course.
What is more, your audience will likely recognize if you have bought your followers, as fake followers do not have the same characteristics as real followers. Having paid followers will make you come across as inauthentic and exploitative. If you are willing to purchase followers, what other behavior might you engage in?

When it comes to social media, engagement is everything. You need to have engaged followers in order to be successful. Your audience should be liking, commenting, sharing, reposting, and taking action on your content. Ways to drive engagement include asking questions, holding competitions, polls, and replying to comments and messages. This all needs to seem natural, however, and not like you are using your audience as a tool to success. This is where a strong brand personality is a good asset to have.

Of course, you should also be aiming to grow your audience. But it is more important to have high-quality followers, rather than a larger quantity. Aim to have high quality followers, rather than a high number of followers. Your ratios of following to engagement should be stable and growing; this will grow your business.

You should be aiming to increase traffic and have a high conversion rate. Not only do you want your followers to interact with your content, but it should also lead to sales. Your audience should be clicking, as well as buying.

Having targets and goals is the best way to ensure that you are succeeding. Produce your content with the aim of meeting a goal. You want the content to translate directly into sales. So, include call-to-actions or discounts, or simply make your audience an offer that is so irresistible that they cannot turn it down!

Your social media marketing strategy should include elements that drive engagement. Make sure that your audience will be engaged with the content that you are producing and yielding tangible results. Analyze past engagement and plot projected future engagement—this is the best way to grow your accounts.

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