Socialite Univeristy

I am excited to share the newest development for Hello Socialite — Socialite University (#SU). I love how my business continues to evolve organically, and I hope that you know the feeling or that you soon will, when you launch your business. Currently, I am building #SU to be a free decentralized platform where social media managers, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn everything they need to know about launching.

When I started my business three years ago, I had no idea where this would lead — but also excited about the potential. I have had so many wins, from large clients, to trademarking my business last month. I can see the full vision moving forward, and I would love to have you be a part of that.

As of now, #SU is growing as a community. Parallel to the community the content is steadily growing as well. As March rounds the corner, be sure to join us. I am releasing the March Content Calendar, Reels Calendar, Swipe Copy Template, and a few surprise downloads.

We would love to have you as a Socialite in our community. To join, you will need to download the Geneva app by clicking this link– and you will be directed to #SU!